Amendment protects us from unjust government

If you know your American history, you know that the Second Amendment is contained in our Constitution to enable the American people to defend themselves against an unjust government. (Read the Federalist papers that deal with the subject to see the contemporary thoughts of the Founding Fathers).

Remember, America had just gained its independence from an unjust government and the Founding Fathers wanted to ensure that the American people would never again have to worry about their own government subjecting them to the injustices that so many had so recently given their lives to remedy. They wanted to give the people the power to defend themselves and their newfound liberty. So, before we are quick to find a “reasonable common-sense solution” to the “gun problem,” remember why we have a Second Amendment.

And remember the words of Benjamin Franklin: “The man who is willing to exchange his freedom for a feeling of safety and security deserves neither freedom nor safety.”

Daniel M. Radder