State police arrested in intruder at a home on Goodrich Road in Clarence Friday afternoon and charged him with burglary,

Troopers said they responded to the residence at about 4:50 p.m. when a Town of Clarence employee reported that he was driving past the house and observed a suspicious vehicle in the driveway.

The caller said he had been keeping an eye on that home, as it was the residence of a recently deceased friend of his. When the caller entered the residence, he observed a man he knew and detained him until troopers arrived.

An investigation revealed that the intruder was familiar with the residence because he had done work for the home owner in the past knew the resident had recently died.

Justin Deho, 20, of Clarence was arrested and taken to the state police barracks in Clarence, where he was charged with burglary second degree and possession of burglary tools.