Rational gun control will never happen

A recent letter claimed that the culpability of mass shootings was with the killers and not the guns, and made the analogy that deaths by planes, fertilizer bombs and automobiles are not the responsibility of the products’ manufacturers. I agree, however, the intended use of those products is not to kill, as it is with guns. A pillow can be used to suffocate, but would be a bad choice for a massacre.

His requisite invocation of the Second Amendment, whose 27 words have more interpretations than a credit card privacy statement, tells him it was written to “protect citizens from their government.” He then goes on to say “society” must hold people responsible and accountable for their actions. What tribunal would “society” use to do this? Whether a democratically elected one (very governmental) or a lynch mob, justice would always come after the carnage had taken place.

Truly, we can’t even talk about limiting deaths by reasonable gun regulation (a word taken from, but forgotten about, in the Second Amendment). Cars are mandated to have licensed drivers and insurance to show responsibility. Should American gun owners have similar mandates, like they do in Israel and elsewhere? In some states, it’s easier for a gun to be purchased legally than it is to register to vote.

But take heart, fearful gun owner, rational gun control will never happen. There is way too much money in making you believe that it’s actually possible.

Dwight Gradolph