Cultural groups rely too much on taxpayers

Why do cultural organizations in our area depend so largely on a county executive’s budget, which is taxpayer money? I am not averse to promoting events, but I believe private funds and endowments should be the source, and from what I have seen, there also appears to be more accountability. There has to be a way to credit a donor, or philanthropist, such that the laurel of acknowledgement would reinforce the charitable motivation and give incentive to others to do likewise.

Erie County is not flush with money and now County Executive Mark Poloncarz’s budget means higher taxes somewhere (they say less money came in). The arts are not a civic essential, but playgrounds and upkeep could be. In my experience, I have found those with deep pockets want to help (and are not always informed of a need) but want to see how the money is being spent.

Vic Kessinger

North Tonawanda