Those who defend Palestinians assailed

If you are sincerely concerned about the welfare of both Israelis and Palestinians, and take the time to carefully study the history of the never-ending brutal conflict that has been going on in that area for decades, you might be tempted to enlighten others, so that they, too, will better understand the actual historical facts. In this way, if you support one “side” or the other, you’ll be able to do more than just hurl empty indictments. Instead, you’ll do as historians try to do: “Tell it like it is.”

Be advised, however. Should you write an editorial that informs others of the Palestinian “side” of the brutal fray, even if your information is solidly grounded in documented evidence, and even if you are Jewish, you become vulnerable. A recent Another Voice article by Norm Tederous pointed out the sad facts that Palestinians continue to live under the crippling conditions of occupation; that they must often undergo daily body searches if they travel from one place to another, all under the shadow of illegal settlements and a penal wall. Having pointed out these irrefutable facts, he was accused of being “godless,” anti-Semitic, anti-American and even pro-acts of terrorism.

Fran Weiss