Innocent children are killed every day

We grieve at the loss of the 20 innocent children at Sandy Hook Elementary School. But do we realize that our own nation, our world suffers from the death of countless innocent unborn children? Even if we don’t believe that the aborted babies have souls, we must see how obvious it is that the unborn children are people.

I hope and pray that the slaughter of unborn, innocent children comes to be looked on as acts of violence equal to the senseless murder of the children at Sandy Hook.

I have no right to judge the mothers of the aborted children, for I do not know the amount of fear and anxiety that would lead them to their acts, but if our culture did not condone these acts, and if our communities would provide a means to accept the unwanted babies, baby murder would cease. Then our value for all life would be renewed.

A woman’s right to choose what is best for her own body does not include rights over the separate child’s body; a separate person.

Jean Lichtenthal