In the TV food show arena, bacon is the new black.

California chef Todd Fisher, an unapologetic bacon buff, has declared that bacon has moved off the breakfast table and on to the unlikeliest of places: in cocktails, desserts and more traditional entrees like pizza. The growing variety of outrageous bacon creations has landed him in hog heaven.

Fisher will indulge his love for all things bacon in “The United States of Bacon,” a new series on Discovery’s Destination America that airs Sundays at 7 and 10 p.m. and premiered this week. In the show, Fisher travels around the country to visit restaurants where bacon has become a prominent ingredient. Many of the inventions are not for the squeamish: the sight of someone eating a bacon-wrapped pork “wing” made from tenderloin may cause more health-conscious viewers to hyperventilate.

In the show’s premiere, Fisher rolls into Milwaukee hangout AJ Bombers and chomps into the Barrie Burger, a local specialty: a chunky peanut butter and bacon cheeseburger. The restaurant also has a Bloody Mary accented with bacon.

“I’m a true baconholic, so this is a dream for me,” Fisher said by phone. “I’ve had this obsessive love for bacon for the past year and a half, smoking my own bacon, curing my own bacon.”

Among the stops on his bacon tour are Los Angeles, Seattle, Atlanta, Detroit and Portland, Ore.

Speaking with a chef’s expertise, Fisher said that bacon “cuts through all of the flavor receptors of the palate. It’s sour, sweet, stringy, meaty and robust. It’s so versatile. There’s a real flexibility to it that allows it to traverse all styles of food from dessert to bacon and eggs to crunchy sandwiches.”