Security procedures should apply to everyone

A few days ago, while entering a local municipal building, I observed a security officer not following security policies and procedures. He let a person in front of me go through a security point without stopping when the alarm signal rang. The officer, with a smile on his face, made a quick hand gesture and said, “Move on. I know you.” The person in front of me smiled back and quickly moved on.

I became speechless and moved on slowly by staring at the security officer and obeying his every word (he didn’t smile but took time to look into my eyes). The incident I witnessed made me think about my own and public safety and responsibilities that were disobeyed by local security officers. Who can I trust and what if something unexpected happens that will put me and the public in jeopardy? Why do we need security officers if they don’t do their job properly?

Our security, police and protection agencies, no matter what, when, where, who and why they protect, must take full responsibility and treat everyone equally by following all proper procedures and instructions for which they’ve been trained. They must focus on their security mission to protect if it’s only for a few hours, a few days, or many years.

With many unpredictable current events, we all should think about our safety. How can we prevent individual and massive shootings? Who can we trust in order to stay safe and be protected? I’m not scared, but I’m concerned about public safety. Can we trust our protectors?

Zanna Vaida