Will you have some time off from school this winter? Most kids look forward to days off but sometimes find they’re bored without schoolwork and other activities to fill their time.

This week, the Mini Page puts the freeze on winter boredom with ideas to make your days off sizzle!

Get outside

Depending on where you live, the weather may be warm and pleasant or cold and treacherous. Either way, you can spend at least part of your time outdoors. Just make sure that you’re dressed for the weather and take regular breaks from the cold air.

• Whether it’s snowy or sunny, a walk outside will reveal all sorts of nature items that can be used to make a winter mural.

Gather pinecones, evergreen needles, flower buds or blooms, nuts, berries and grasses. At home, arrange them on a large poster or heavy paper. Use glue to secure your nature items, then decorate your mural with markers, crayons, glitter and other art supplies. Give your artwork a name and display it for your family.

• Find an older relative to join you as you explore your city. Many city chambers of commerce can provide walking or driving tours that feature historical sites. Even small towns may have a museum where you can find out more about your home’s history.

• If science is your thing, set up a weather station* outside your home. Use a thermometer, barometer, rain gauge and a wind sock or weathervane to collect information, then keep your records in a journal.

*You can buy the devices or make them; visit for help.

• To light up the night, try making ice candles.

Start with a small bucket or pail. You’ll also need a small, shallow cup or tin can and a stick.

Fill your bucket with water. Tape the small cup to a stick that’s longer than the top of your bucket. You can use more than one cup if you’d like.

Set the bucket outside. Lay the stick over the top so that the cup is in the water but the rim is above the surface of the water. Let it freeze.

When it’s completely frozen, remove the block of ice from the bucket and take the cup out of the top. Set a small candle where the cup was and have an adult light it.

Enjoy your ice candle!

If you’re lucky enough to have snow on the ground, sledding is a great way to have fun and get exercise. Build snow forts or make snow angels with friends or siblings. You also can have fun while helping someone else. Check to see if any of your neighbors need help with shoveling, dog-walking or errands.