Robert Sackett was appointed chairman of the Clarence Planning Board during the Town Board’s annual organizational meeting Wednesday.

Sackett has served on the Planning Board for two years and was the vice chairman for the past year. The previous chairman, Al Schultz, retired from the position.

A sidewalk overlay, Sackett said, would involve looking at where the town would be best served to have sidewalks to make the community more “walkable.”

Town Board members made a host of other appointments and reaffirmed its selection of Lawrence Meckler as town attorney. A public hearing Feb. 27 will review the master plan.

Supervisor David C. Hartzell Jr. praised Town Board members for their work over the past year in the debate over multifamily zoning, saying he was “impressed by the fact the board members were willing to look out 10 to 20 years from today and envision the Town of Clarence as they would like it to be, and how the taxpayers would like for the town to look in 2021.”

In other news, Spaulding Lake homeowners are pursuing the idea of funding a trunk sewer line that would connect to the Heise-Brookhaven sewer line, said James Callahan, director of community development. The idea would be to replace a sewage treatment plant serving Spaulding Lake that has had operational problems.