Give taxpayers a say on Bills’ lease deal

With a seven-year lease deal as the “reward” for Erie County taxpayers plunking down a huge amount of cash – which will have to come from either higher taxes on properties or a higher sales tax, etc. – the question begs to be asked: Why isn’t this matter put to a referendum of the county taxpayers?

We have no guarantee that the product we’ll get for the next seven years won’t be every bit as mediocre as what we now have.

The Bills management, in response to repeated questions regarding Ralph Wilson’s health, have all but said: The county should be ecstatic that the deal provides for the team to remain here another seven years.

I, for one, would like something more than Wilson has given this area for the past 20 years in return for an expenditure for which I and anyone remaining in Erie County will be paying for for decades to come.

Richard McCarthy