Peace Center quick to condemn Israel

In a recent Another Voice, Norm Tederous, writing as a member of the Western New York Peace Center’s Palestinian/Israeli Task Force, claims Israel supporters use red herrings – logical fallacies that avoid rather than refute an argument and intentionally mislead and distract. To prove his point, he quotes Jews protesting Israel’s actions. However, it’s Tederous who uses red herrings by implying if some Jews criticize Israel, then Israel is wrong.

Among those praised by Tederous are Ilan Pappe and Noam Chomsky. In Efraim Karsh’s book, “Fabricating Israeli History,” these two men are singled out as part of the “new historians” – academics who deliberately misquote Israeli leaders and blur the line between fact, fiction and imagination to promote a political agenda using techniques similar to the Soviet propaganda of a bygone era.

Many Americans would consider these men as being on the fringe. Chomsky calls Osama bin Laden’s death an “assassination” of an “unarmed victim” that violates international laws. Pappe wants to see the existence of the state of Israel criminalized.

Many good folks belong to the Peace Center. But some whose agenda is anything but peaceful have hijacked the organization. Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, Buffalo Chapter, found that the center’s programs are inciteful and promote hatred toward the Jewish state through falsehoods. Speakers apologize for terrorists, call suicide bombers “resistance fighters” and imply that because everyone is supposed to serve in the Israeli army that all are fair game for “resistance.”

It is a conundrum as to why the Peace Center has such low expectations for Palestinian conduct yet has no trouble condemning Israel when it defends its civilian population.

Wynne Elizabeth Trinca

East Amherst

Harvey and Nancy Schiller


Adrienne Crandall