Cutting CASA funding is a terrible mistake

As a former Child Protective Services supervisor and mental health professional with 33 years of experience serving children, I find it unconscionable that funding for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children) is being cut by New York State. This is a tragic mistake.

While multimillions of taxpayer dollars go to new hospitals, new student housing at the University at Buffalo and multiple gifts to developers and corporations, New York finds it “necessary” to cut paltry sums to help 160 abused and neglected children navigate the confusing and overburdened child welfare and court systems.

Buffalo shouts with voices of shock and disdain over neglected and abused animals. Where is the outcry to defend our children? Without advocates, these children are further neglected, shuffled, forgotten and misplaced by the “system.” CASA has proved to be an effective, inexpensive way to help disadvantaged children, using just two staff members and a dedicated group of volunteers.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, legislators, community leaders, don’t abandon these kids!

David Grotke