• With New Year’s this week, you may be thinking of New Year’s resolutions. The new year traditionally is a time when people think about how they would like to improve, or goals they’d like to achieve in the next year.

A fun way to remember your resolutions is to send yourself a postcard. Write a message about the goals you’re hoping to reach in 2013, then address the card to yourself. Ask a family member to mail the postcard six months from now, on July 1.

• Arrange a movie day. Invite friends to bring their favorite movie on DVD or videotape. Make popcorn, collect pillows and blankets, and settle in for some of your favorite stories!

• Start a family holiday history. In a notebook, make a record of what your family did for the holidays. Tell who was together, what you had to eat, what the decorations looked like, and any other details you like. Include photos if you want. Update it each year.

Ask family members to record their thoughts about the holiday season.

• Giving to others will help fill your days off and give you a great feeling. Do some research to find out where your help is most needed.

You might check with animal shelters (walking or playing with pets waiting for adoption) or nursing homes (visiting with older people or playing card games or bingo). Also consider cleaning out your closets and storage areas at home and making donations of your items. Extra clothes and blankets are especially useful during cold months.

• Go for a swim! Even when it’s cold outside, indoor pools and recreation centers offer lots of ways to get some exercise. Local YMCAs and rec centers may also offer indoor playgrounds, basketball courts and classes for kids.

• Place a puzzle piece. Large jigsaw puzzles with many pieces can be great fun over several days. If you have a table or other spot where you can leave the puzzle out until it’s finished, you can work on it between your other activities.

• Put on a talent show. Gather friends and rehearse your best talents together. Then ask your families to attend the big show. Make tickets and posters to promote your show.

When the weather is bad outside, the library is a great place to let your imagination soar.

Plan a library trip on your own, or check with your local library to find out about programs for kids during the winter. Some older people like being read to. Reading aloud improves your skills, too.