NIAGARA FALLS – A Pennsylvania woman was arrested, her 9-year-old son placed into foster care and three family pets seized by the SPCA of Niagara after several weapons, including a shotgun and two electric stun-guns, were found in her truck Tuesday morning at the Rainbow Bridge.

Police said that Eva M. Lally, 32, of Midland, Pa., tried to enter Canada via the Rainbow Bridge about 3 a.m. New Year’s Day, and was pulled over by Canadian Border Services for a secondary inspection. At that point, a shotgun and crossbow were located behind a seat in the trunk, and the two stun guns were found inside luggage in the bed area of the truck, police reported.

The vehicle had switched plates, and Lally’s driver’s license had expired four years ago, investigators said.

Upon checking Lally’s police record, it was learned that she has been arrested numerous times and had three previous felony convictions, making it illegal for her to possess the shotgun, police said. The two stun guns were manufactured to resemble ordinary items – one a flashlight and the other a cellular telephone, police said – but only one was functional.

Police did not say why Lally said she was carrying the weapons or was headed into Canada.

Officers asked Lally if she wanted to arrange for a family member of take custody of her son, but she declined and gave permission for police to place the child into temporary foster care, according to a police report. The local SPCA also was contacted to take custody of a dog and two rodents which had been traveling with Lally.

Lally was charged with two counts of fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon, as well as unlicensed operation. She faces a hearing in City Court this morning.