Niagara Cerebral Palsy provides excellent care

While extremely disappointed by the recent jury award to a severely disabled resident who has lived in one of our residential care facilities for 26 years, what is more disappointing is the portrayal of our organization, which has served the community for almost 60 years. During this time thousands of developmentally disabled individuals have been provided compassionate care by our extremely dedicated and committed staff.

First and foremost, every concern raised about the treatment of a person who lives in one of our residential homes and, for that matter, any developmentally disabled person who utilizes our programs and services is taken very seriously. Allegations of wrongdoing, whether physical or verbal, simply are not tolerated.

There will always be disgruntled workers who do not have the tolerance or capacity to provide the compassionate care expected of them. Those who work to support the developmentally disabled find it to be extremely rewarding. While it can be very difficult work, we as a society owe the developmentally disabled the most compassionate care we can offer, and our extremely dedicated employees at Niagara Cerebral Palsy provide this care every day.

As we continue to explore our legal options as a result of the jury’s decision, we will continue to be resolute in providing the compassionate care that our agency has worked hard to achieve and is well known for throughout Niagara County for 60 years.

Robert M. DiFrancesco

President, board of directors

Niagara Cerebral Palsy