There’s nothing funny about violence, fighting

Doesn’t anyone at the paper even read beforehand what is printed?

From Jeff Simon in the Dec. 21 Gusto: “Nothing is more satisfying on Dec. 26 than going to the movies and seeing something where people are beating the stuffing out of each other, for reasons either good or bad.”

Really? Even before the Connecticut murders, this would have been offensive.

“In one very funny scene, Jack is thwacked in the back of the head by a baseball bat … wakes up and finishes them off by bashing the back of one idiot’s head into the face of the other.”

How is this funny? Do we excuse it by saying, “Oh, it’s an adult movie and doesn’t harm anyone”?

These comments aren’t funny or clever. And they certainly aren’t acceptable unless you believe violence is acceptable.

Audrey Mang