Syrians need our help to fight brutal regime

I wish every one of you a happy holiday season. As for me, I cannot celebrate the new year because many of our brothers, sisters and children are being killed by the murderer Bashar Assad and his regime. Today, the conflict in Syria is the worst conflict in the world in its toll on humanity. The world and the United Nations failed again to protect civilians, as they did in the Holocaust, Bosnia, Rwanda, Cambodia and many other conflicts.

As you celebrate your holidays with your family, remember the Syrian children who lost their parents. As you enjoy heated houses in this cold weather, remember the many Syrian children who died from cold weather living in the refugee camps. As you celebrate with nice meals, remember the hundreds of women and children who were killed standing in lines for hours at the bakery store to get a little bread when Assad’s airplanes bombed them. As you listen to Christmas music, remember that your fellow human beings in Syria are hearing the sound of bombs. As you hug your children and give them goodnight kisses, remember the Syrian children who have no parents to hug and kiss them because they were killed by the Assad regime.

Please pray for peace in Syria and think what you can do to stop the killing.

Othman Shibly, D.D.S.