NRA’s solution would cause more mayhem

If I were still an NRA member before its recent press conference, I would not be after. In fact, I had given up my membership quite some time ago. The Neanderthal mentality of the pro-gun group ignores the data collected on the psychology of the criminal mind. Armed guards at Sandy Hook would not have been a deterrence to a mentally deranged and irrational shooter only intent on causing mayhem and self-destruction. The NRA’s gun-totin’ mentality would only turn our schools into battlegrounds. The notion that you can only stop a bad guy with a gun with a good guy with a gun is how the NRA justifies its gun mentality. Its failure to admit culpability in creating the contemporary gun-violence culture and to pass the blame along to video games and violence-glorifying movies is blind defiance to reality.

It’s indeed fortunate that our Founding Fathers created the Constitution as a living document, able to adapt to the times. The Second Amendment was written when flintlocks and muskets were the guns of the day. The tyrannical governments the founders feared then were an ocean away in Europe. We have no need to fear tyranny today. It’s time to lend a common-sense interpretation to the Second Amendment.

I’m a gun owner and support the recreational use of guns for sporting purposes. We also have the right to protect our homes. But I do not support private ownership of guns and accessories solely designed as anti-personnel weapons. This is where the NRA has it wrong. I’m also a retired teacher, so I have an insider perspective. Turning our schools into armed bastions is a recipe for more disaster, since the shooter can create an even more grandiose spectacle.

John Huttenlocker

North Tonawanda