We must cut red tape to help dairy farmers

Conservation Chairman Larry Beahan of the Sierra Club Niagara Group, in his Another Voice column of Dec. 24, complained of Gov. Andrew Cuomo wishing to reduce regulation costs. I am sure the governor is correct in attempting to ease the struggles of our dairy farming community by cutting some of the red tape that farming has become involved in. The costs and strangling regulations that are depressing the dairy business should be eased.

If the entire Sierra Club had the attitude that Beahan expresses (I doubt that), it wouldn’t be long before our dairy farms would disappear entirely.

As for his comments on hydrofracking in New York, I would rather let the experts and the Department of Environmental Conservation make the decisions. So far, I feel they have approached the matter with caution.

I note that Beahan is also an expert on climate change, as he states unequivocally that Hurricane Sandy was caused by global warming. We all have our own opinions. My own is that Western New York needs an economic boost rather than more repressive rules.

Harold Almquist