New Bills’ lease agreement is bad deal for the taxpayers

Our politicians just don’t get it, investing $130 million in a stadium that in my opinion probably is not worth that much anymore. The deal means $95 million would come from state and county taxpayers who cannot really afford it anymore.

Ralph Wilson, of course, got the better part of that deal.

As for as the $800,000 dollars a year in rent, it is about time he paid rent after free-loading all these years off Erie County taxpayers. The $800,000 charge is pocket change for Wilson since he pays more than one player that a year in salary.

As far as a new stadium is concerned, the middle class taxpayers cannot afford to give more of their hard working money in taxes.

What Erie County needs is jobs, not another playpen for overpaid sports players who cannot perform with consistency anyway.

Stanley Marlinski


Bills of future could bear resemblance to this team

So the Buffalo Bills sign a new lease with Erie County. How will they look in 10 years?

We’ll still have a coach that can’t get the job done, a quarterback who can’t get the job done and we’ll still be out of the playoffs.

Ralph Wilson is still the owner, and will start building Ralph Wilson Stadium II downtown.

Arnie Hager


The sound of the season remains silent due to greed

The recent stadium agreement with the Buffalo Bills juxtaposed with the NHL snafu can elicit some very relevant and absurd conclusions. But, as a fan, I feel deprived of something rare, valuable and entertaining.

Our own Hockey Hall of Fame jewel Rick Jeanneret is whom I’m referring to. The players demand respect, well so do I.

Forty-plus years of scintillating, passionate descriptions or should I say the absence of them, have left a hole in my winter nightlife and I’m ticked off. This whole situation has made me a full-fledged curmudgeon and I blame the whole NHL.

More bah humbugs this year, a smaller tip for the news deliverer and being forced to watch the Bills has caused me to call for a fan uprising that will let the privileged few know. No fans, no paycheck.

But the pall hanging over all of this is we are not utilizing a once in a lifetime resource and his hidden cookies. If only we could get the fans to also strike and who knows ... the seats have been empty before and deserve to be so again.

Leonard Jaworski


Gleason’s idea for stadium is not really practical

While it’s understandable to expect some bauble under the tree or in a stocking this holiday season, Bucky Gleason’s desire for a new Bills stadium is not practical on many levels. Buffalo surely deserves some sparkling new object to adore, but this is not it. What about the existing objects that need polishing?

We’ve recently read articles in the Buffalo News about the East Side, the Central Terminal, and Letters to the Editor on a range of like topics — some of which really need public discussion. But this desire for a new stadium is another idea not fully thought out.

The Governor can say what he will, but he’s not going to be here to throw the first pass to a wide receiver now in grade school. As talk is cheap, so are desires.

A new stadium would bring national attention only a handful of times a year; let alone additional use a handful more per year.

As Mr. Gleason noted, the community could benefit from extending the light-rail south and I might add, to the airport and more than a bit more focus on the East Side.

Investing in these items – along with a new bridge to Canada – is what this community needs. The East Side is ripe for land-banking and development of small and medium size business and manufacturing parks. Extending light-rail to tie the airport, Galleria Mall, Thruway Mall, the Central Terminal, “Larkinville” with the Arena, Waterfront, ECC-City and Theater District would increase traffic past areas of the East Side, providing transportation for workers and students along its path, opening up historic areas of the city for redevelopment.

Carl Skompinski


Bills filling the void for one fan of The Walking Dead

The Sunday evening TV series, “The Walking Dead,” has been in hiatus for the past month. Fortunately, diehard fans of this series have been able to fill the void every Sunday afternoon watching the Buffalo Bills.

Walter Pawlowski


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