‘Les Miserables’ review totally missed the mark

Seldom have I read a movie review that so misses the mark and as completely fails to “get” a movie as Jeff Simon’s review of “Les Miserables.” To say that the movie would have been great without the music is like saying that a sundae would be great without all that ice cream getting in the way. Les Mis is the music. That is what millions of people who have come to love the stage production appreciate about it.

I saw this movie in a crowded theater on Christmas night, and sustained applause filled the theater as the film ended. It was apparent that Simon’s view of this movie is not an opinion that will be shared by many people. Upon rereading the review after seeing the movie, I realized that nothing the film could have done would have met with his satisfaction. What Simon really was reviewing is the concept of this film, which he does not like, not the way it was executed. In so doing, he does not do justice to a beautiful and well-acted film. Maybe a reviewer who did not have a built-in prejudice against the concept would have been better suited to deliver a fair and honest assessment of this film.

Flora Miller Sliwa