Drone assassinations do more harm than good

It’s nice to see the Falls air base has a mission and a future. But drones? Is that what we want our fellow Western New Yorkers engaged in, assassination from afar?

The next time you thank an Air Guardsman for his service, keep in mind that he may have just gotten off “shift” that included “eliminating” potential terrorists continents away. Potential? Well, we’re not really sure are we? Collateral damage? Not sure about that either. I guess they could be “future terrorists,” right? American citizens? Then what are they doing over there? Oversight for these black-ops missions? We trust the military, right?

Even if all the questions are answered, we still have Western New York service personnel engaged in combat from 9 to 5, then immediately returning to a civilian environment amongst you and me. We should be thinking long and hard about that.

Paul Steffan