Shootings highlight teachers’ importance

After the horrible and tragic shootings in Connecticut, I could only imagine, as a retired Buffalo teacher, what these brave and caring teachers had to go through.

I have always found that as time passes, the attitude of the general public has become more critical of teachers and what their jobs are. You hear: They only work so few hours; or they get summers off; or they make too much money; or they should not get a pension; or that the pension is the only reason they work as a teacher.

Do you think what just happened might make a few people realize the major responsibility teachers hold in a classroom? Maybe people will realize that this horrible situation could have happened here or anywhere. One of the teachers sacrificed herself to save her children, as any teacher would. How much is her sacrifice worth?

Every teacher in every classroom could be put in this same position. Maybe this horrible shooting will make people realize how important the teacher in your child’s classroom really is. No amount of money or benefits or pension was in the minds of the brave teachers in Connecticut.

Joan Hyatt