Erie County Legislature Chairwoman Betty Jean Grant is accepting applications for vacancies on the Citizens’ Budget Review Commission.

The panel, established to assist and advise the County Legislature in its oversight of the county budget and finances, will meet quarterly and provide regular reports to the Legislature.

The vacant positions include:

• One member who has professional experience as a certified public accountant.

• One member with professional experience in the banking and finance industry.

• One member who is an attorney, particularly with experience in local government law or finance.

• One member who has professional experience with organized labor.

• One member from the Erie County business community.

• Two at-large members who represent a cross-section of the county’s diverse population and have appropriate experience and expertise.

Applicants must send résumés to the Erie County Legislature by 12 p.m. Jan. 3.

Résumés must be addressed to: Citizens’ Budget Review Commission, Erie County Legislature, 92 Franklin St., fourth floor, Buffalo, NY 14202.

The commission was created in the aftermath of the county’s 2004-05 budget crisis but has not met for years. The Legislature earlier this year made changes to its composition and duties in an attempt to revive the commission.

For more information, contact Ellen Przepasniak, clerk of the Citizens’ Budget Review Commission, at 858-8480.