Three men – at least one carrying a shotgun – forced their way into two West Side residences during separate incidents Saturday.

It was unclear whether the the two are connected, or whether they were the same three men, but the incidents took place less than two miles from each other.

One happened at about 12:30 a.m. Saturday, when the three dressed in black clothing, hoodies and skull caps kicked in an apartment door in the 1000 block of Grant Street, according to police.

One of the men displayed a double-barreled shotgun, searched the apartment and forced the two female occupants to show them the attic. The three fled without taking anything.

The other incident occurred Saturday when three people – at least one with a shotgun, the others with pistols – forced their way into a residence in the 300 block of West Delavan Avenue with several occupants, according to police.

At least three of the occupants were roughed up and hit in the back of the head with the shotgun, before the three bandits made off with jewelry, cash and other items. Police reports did not indicate the time of the second incident.