Mother and son share sole blame for tragedy

I understand that emotions are very raw right now after the Newtown shooting. I can’t even imagine the devastation felt by the families of the victims and the paralysis felt by the community. I, too, am sick and tired of the carnage, and my heart bleeds for those families.

That said, I must inject some reason into this conversation we are having about gun control and the media.

Those who think that banning assault rifles will stop this are wrong; it will not. The Second Amendment protects the citizenry not from intruders or other nation states meant to do us harm, but from our own government. One need only look to Syria. If its citizens were as armed as the military and police, they may not have been so massacred.

As for banning violent video games, TV shows and movies, it’s just not that simple. How about if the media quit celebrating these deviates?

As a nation, we jump too quickly to blame societal factors and because of this, all law-abiding citizens lose more and more freedom due to the actions of a minute few. Around 350 million people live in the United States and the actions, no matter how heinous, of a handful of misfits should never result in the loss of even one freedom.

The blame for this incident belongs to two people – the troubled man and his mother, who, knowing her son as she did, didn’t lock up her guns.

Unfortunately, there will be no justice for the victims’ families. Only the knowledge that the mother and son paid the ultimate price for their stupidity. This may sound harsh and callous, but they are the facts, and facts guide my life.

David Peterson