Taking guns from all won’t solve the problem

Following the recent tragedy in Connecticut, Americans need to realize that removing guns from law-abiding citizens is not the answer. It is not surprising to anyone that this country is spiraling out of control because of misconstrued priorities.

How’s the war on drugs going? Has it been effective? In a society where guns are made illegal, albeit in demand, they will follow the same routes as the illegal drugs. How about the two wars in the Middle East that have been put on a credit card? Domestically, we sure could have used that money. Where are our priorities? We’ve spent trillions in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet our schools and valuable community programs experience significant budget cuts.

How about Erie County? We’re cutting valuable social and educational programs yet our local and state governments are preparing to hand the Buffalo Bills and their millionaire owner a few hundred million.

A work colleague suggested that we have something along the lines of school marshals – trained, armed law enforcement officers, like those in aviation security. Does anyone want to balk at how intrusive or intimidating it would be to have armed officers in schools?

My response is, you can’t have it all. Or maybe the idea is good, but there’s no money for such a program. I ask lawmakers to address the bigger problem than the perceived one that gun ownership poses. Look at how and where the government spends its money. The answer to this problem lies not on infringing on the rights of a select group of Americans, but rather our lawmakers focusing on putting Americans first.

Damian Martelli

West Seneca