City has abandoned, forgotten East Side

The reason why the Central Terminal does not get financial assistance is because it is on the East Side of Buffalo. This area was thrown in the garbage many years ago and the excuse that this building is in a bad neighborhood only confirms my thought that the East Side is a forgotten part of the city.

This was my favorite building until our Iron Island Society was presented with an 1885 former church/funeral home in 2000 on the far East Side. Up until that time and beyond, I started a one-woman committee to “Save The Central Terminal” by collecting petitions, making up T-shirts and forming an awareness committee. Several others joined me and worked for 10 years to bring attention to the terminal.

We were thrilled when then-Sen. Daniel P. Moynihan brought in a $1 million grant for the terminal, only to find out that half of it went to Shea’s theater. Shea’s certainly is a good cause; however, the East Side was left in the dust and it is still deteriorating with the loss of parkland and police precincts, absentee landlords and devastated business strips.

The Iron Island Museum gets no help from the city and continues to fight an uphill battle to stay open. We have a room dedicated to the Central Terminal and try to keep attention on the edifice, but we are on the East Side and not many people care about our neighborhoods. People here love their homes, as witnessed by the many beautiful Christmas decorations lighting up the streets. But the East Side has been given a bad reputation and monies will not be forthcoming until the image changes.

Marge Thielman Hastreiter

NY Central Terminal Awareness

Committee, Vice President, Iron

Island Preservation Society, Lovejoy