Kind gesture embodies true meaning of season

The other day, I was waiting in the service room at my car dealership with a half-dozen other customers when the service manager came in to inform a young man that he needed new tires and since his inspection was overdue, they had scraped it off his windshield and would not issue another one until the tires were replaced. When told the cost of the tires, he was clearly upset and wondering how he was going to pay for them. Everyone in the room was concerned.

Within a minute, a customer spoke up and said, “Put it on my bill. I’ll pay for it.” The young man was dumbstruck and so grateful. He couldn’t stop thanking his patron. The rest of us in the room had tears in our eyes, having witnessed such a gracious gesture.

I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for people like Kevin, who walk among us, for reminding us of how splendid humanity can be. His act of kindness is the true meaning of the season and a beacon for conduct in the coming year.

Linda Shed Priebe

South Wales