Buffalo schools offer high-quality education

I am the District Parent Coordinating Council representative and parent facilitator for my son’s school, Olmsted High School. My wife and I are discerning parents when it comes to our kids’ education. For years we have tried to find the right school for our sons. We have experienced private schools, looked at charters, but have found a great home in the Buffalo Public Schools. We love our school!

Our son loves attending, is much challenged and gets all the help he needs to be successful. The staff is as good as any suburban or private school staff. The buildings are all state of the art and have brand-new technology. In my career, I have the opportunity to visit most of the schools in Western New York. I talk to parents, teachers and school leaders. Buffalo schools are as good as any in Western New York.

Our community and school district are right to focus on graduation rates and students who are not on grade level. However, the quality of education in our schools is very good. We have incredibly talented teachers and staff.

Parents and teachers need to partner and work together to build on the success in each of our schools. It is time to constitute a citywide Parent Teacher Organization that will lift up the partnerships that are already in place in most of our schools. We should thank our school staff for their dedication and tireless work on behalf of all of us. Pamela Brown, our new school superintendent, seems to get it. She knows that we have incredible potential. She values the teachers and support staff.

I call on all our community to celebrate what is good in our schools, support the talented hard-working educators and help build an even better school district we can all be proud of.

Mike Deely