Repealing phone law is a ridiculous idea

As a middle-age guy with roots in Kenmore-Tonawanda, I usually enjoy Bruce Andriatch’s take on life. However, I strongly disagree with his Dec. 11 column calling for a discussion about repealing the law that bans talking on a handheld cellphone while driving. I can only hope he was kidding.

Every single day I am endangered by countless clueless people driving and crossing their lane markers while they are holding their phones to their ears. Just because so many do it does not make it less dangerous. Just because the law is not enforced does not make it a bad law. Just because there are so many other distractions doesn’t mean we should not eliminate one proven to be dangerous.

Andriatch notes that statistics do not show a correlation between passage of cellphone regulations and safer highways. Of course they do not; nor will they, as long as people ignore the law.

Undercover enforcement and stiffer penalties could make our roads safe from cellphone users. The revenues generated would easily pay for the expense of added enforcement. When people start paying a penalty commensurate with the damage they cause, then we may see people stop their dangerous behavior.

Handheld cellphone users kill innocent people, just like the drunken drivers who kill our friends and families. We need harsher consequences for anyone, drunk or sober, who acts with wanton disregard for the safety of others.

Marty J. Walters