Thompson’s hiring looks like a kickback

Never in my wildest dreams did I think Erie County would hold the line on raising property taxes four out of five years, but that doesn’t change this region’s dismal economic future one iota. Other than being flush with scarcely funded government pensions, mandates, entitlements and high public utility rates, this region has a strong history of political kickbacks on the friends and family plan. The Dec. 11 News article, “Mayor names Thompson to head jobs agency,” shows a long personal friendship between the two.

Antoine M. Thompson is expected to receive a salary of $79,757 to start, which is no chump change unless you’re a spoiled professional athlete. Thompson has a long history of public service in Buffalo and unemployment rates are rising astronomically, so it begs the questions: Should this position even exist, and was the appointment a political kickback? The Buffalo firefighters haven’t seen a raise for more than a decade and Mayor Byron W. Brown hopes his friend will create other meaningful jobs. Good luck to the future unemployment situation in Buffalo.

Tom Colligan