Put Central Terminal out of its misery now

The recent News story regarding the dilapidated condition of the Central Terminal was a real eye opener. There is an immediate need for $800,000 to repair the vaulted roof. This is small change compared to the $3 million needed for roof and masonry repairs to the 17-story tower. Then there is the additional estimated cost of between $50 million and $100 million to restore it. I find any discussion of expending these sums of money to repairing the Central Terminal to be ridiculous.

Buffalo is America’s third-poorest city and in desperate need of many improvements. I cannot imagine many folks agreeing that spending this type of money for this purpose is high on the agenda. Hats off to the Oishei Foundation for denying a $2.5 million grant request for this backward plan. Throwing good money after bad is downright nonsensical. The money raised to restore the nine-foot dial clocks and the recent $3,000 for a frosted gaslight should have been used to take many pictures for memories’ sake before the wrecking ball comes in and does us all a favor by razing this eyesore.

I believe that good jobs, safe neighborhoods and productive schools are what we need to revitalize Buffalo. Renovating a clock and light on an obsolete building is a silly, feel-good effort that serves no useful purpose. Let’s crank up the bulldozers and put the Central Terminal out of its misery. It is time to start looking forward to what this area could become instead of constantly trying to make it what it once was.

M. Scott Chismar

Lake View