We are desensitizing children to violence

The recent massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary has made me wonder: When will we get it right? When, as parents and citizens, will we say, enough? When will all of us realize it takes a village to raise happy, honest, compassionate and productive children? No matter your religious beliefs, doesn’t the phrase “I am my brother’s keeper” mean anything anymore? All of us have to change the way we think and act.

This tragedy goes beyond gun laws, and yes, I support our Second Amendment right when it comes to protecting myself and my family in my home. What I’m talking about is the atmosphere of violence and fear. As long as we tolerate war, and violence in movies, television shows and video games, things will never change. Until we stop desensitizing our children to violence and end all our wars, we are stuck.

Since 9/11, we have become a society that is ruled by fear. We were lied to and somehow accepted the fact that we needed to go to war. We even accepted the Patriot Act and turned our heads when we lost some of our freedoms. We teach our children that bullying is not acceptable, but then our adult leaders “bully” their way into other countries.

I say, enough! Our children are dying every day, whether they’re on the battlefield or in a classroom. We have to change our way of thinking. We have to embrace the ideals of peace and tolerance. War and violence should never be the acceptable answer anymore. Our children deserve better.

Sandra Massung