New QB and coach needed for success

Lessons learned for the Bills: Going to Harvard doesn’t help when playing QB. Coaching requires at least some smarts. Jon Gruden for a coach and a trade for Alex Smith would be nice under my tree.

Dave Blady


Season-ending game has looks of ‘classic’

Watching last Monday night’s football game, it was apparent the New York Jets are as bad as the Bills. The last game of the season will be a classic “run-for-the-bus game.” Who’ll get there first?

Mike Daniels


Fan wonders when the better days will be

Will the Buffalo Bills ever have a “real” professional team again?

Richard Wuertzer


Don’t forget, GM Nix also responsible

For the past several weeks the media has focused on the future of Chan Gailey as coach of the Buffalo Bills. And rightfully so. What seemed a promising start a few years ago has dissolved into a fiasco this year. Chan might be a creative offensive coordinator (as long as the team has a competent quarterback), but he has now shown what he lacks as a coach.

But in all this talk of the head coach, what about that of Buddy Nix? Ultimately it is Buddy who is responsible for this mess on the field. It is Buddy who has stood behind Chan. It is Buddy who has failed to draft or develop a competent viable young backup quarterback. With the wealth of good young quarterbacks available via the draft the last few years it is inconceivable that the Bills have not drafted one. Then there is the handling of the Vince Young/Tarvaris Jackson backup issue. It goes on. A lack of quality linebacking and the very obvious need for a viable NFL starting wide receiver to pair with Stevie Johnson. Donald Jones is not the guy.

And my final thought - although not the fault of either Chan or Buddy - is the annual Toronto game. I ask myself how seriously does the administration of this team care about winning if they are willing to give up 1 of 8 home games each year. It’s all about the money. There is no real desire among the bean counters to win. Just make money.

I am disgusted and embarrassed by this team.

Bill McCarthy

Orchard Park

Failure to change means failure on field

As we try to figure out what is wrong with the Bills, just start with the culture within the organization. Buddy Nix staunchly defends his coach, saying that we can’t change coaches every three years. Chan Gailey says it is Fred’s turn when he tries to defend not giving C.J. Spiller enough touches. Everyone in the organization is so afraid to make waves that it has become a culture of failure that sticks with the status quo to avoid conflict.

In New England, they said thanks to Drew Bledsoe and passed him on to us when they realized Tom Brady was their man. See ya, Drew!

In San Francisco, Alex Smith was 19-5-1 as a starter under Jim Harbaugh and Harbaugh sat him down in favor of Colin Kaepernick.

And can you believe Indianapolis let future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning go free? Thank you Peyton, but it’s Andrew’s turn now.

See ya Buddy, goodbye Chan, and thank you Ryan. You each seem like nice enough guys. Unfortunately, you have proven that nice guys do finish last.

Patrick O’Hara


Good times at Canisius a welcome development

It’s refreshing to see the Canisius College men’s basketball team off to its best start in more than a decade. With quality wins over Temple, St. Bonaventure and UB, this talented group has unlimited potential. Bill Maher, the athletic director, and the administrative staff have to be congratulated for hiring Jim Baron and his assistants. The team’s play is a vast improvement over the previous years of 20-loss seasons. They’re fun to watch.

Now, it’s time for the fans to show their support and appreciation by filling the Koessler Center.

David Wrotniak


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