It is time to revisit Second Amendment

What is so sacrosanct about the Second Amendment to the Constitution that it cannot be amended or repealed? The beauty and longevity of the Constitution is enhanced by its openness to amendment and updating. Its relevancy to current realities shows the enlightenment and intelligence of its Framers. Some may think that its ideas are written in stone and are not to be changed, but the fact that the Constitution has been amended 27 times is evidence of its changing nature.

The changes in the Constitution show how it can be updated for changing times and ideas. Slavery and women’s voting reflect changes in the will of the populace since the ratification of the Bill of Rights in 1791. The Framers could not have possibly imagined the state of the country 221 years later. Nor could they imagine automatic pistols and assault weapons. I’m sure the arms they had in mind could only be fired about once a minute, if the powder was fresh and dry.

The fluidity of the Constitution has protected us for all these years and has been a model for many other governing documents around the world, but it needs our constant attention and understanding to remain relevant.

George J. Denecke