A West Side man is accused of menacing his family with a machete and punching his mother and sister Friday afternoon in a frightening attack before fleeing their home, according to Buffalo police.

The reported attack took place at 5:15 p.m. after the assailant got into an argument with members of his family at their home on Sandrock Road, near the intersection of Tonawanda and Ontario streets.

The family members told police the man punched his sister in the body before hitting his mother in the face, dislodging a tooth. He threatened them with a machete before leaving the home, only to return a short time later and grab another knife from the residence.

The accused attacker then kicked down the locked door to his mother’s bedroom, breaking the door frame, and told his mother’s boyfriend he would kill him before fleeing for good, according to an account provided to Northwest district officers. Police early this afternoon still were searching for the man accused in the attack and have not yet charged him.