Compassionate people help animals, humans

In response to a writer’s request that we rethink our priorities when it comes to animal welfare – specifically, to contribute to and provide veterinary care to animals who were victims of cruelty and abuse – I must nod my head in disbelief. I do care and will continue to do so. I thank the people who took care of these animals.

A recent study has shown that people who care and contribute the most to animal groups are also the ones who do the same for human welfare groups. It is called compassion.

The recent abuse of these dogs has brought people together to see these animals’ gradual road to recovery, and to bring to light the need for more harsh punishment to these crimes. It was the humane thing to provide care, treatment and love to these suffering animals.

It also points to the hardships of other animals in shelters waiting for a good home. Between 3 million and 4 million animals are euthanized in shelters each year, due to lack of adoptive homes.

This holiday season and into the new year, let’s remember empathy, care and concern for all creatures, human and animal.

Lisa Brzeczkowski