Mental health issues are at root of problem

While politicians talk about gun control, the media continue to victimize parents and relatives of the slain by zooming in on the faces of those whose lives were changed forever. Today the politician knows it’s more newsworthy (and less work) to talk about tighter gun control than to make sure existing laws are enforced. They are both missing the real point.

It’s about mental illness and how our politicians, health care systems and the media continue to fail us in fixing how we treat and report on mentally ill people. Law-abiding citizens who obtain guns legally are not these shooters. The common denominator is diagnosed or undiagnosed mental illness. Make our politicians responsible for these murders, (and so many like this), by asking them why they have neglected to make effective, funded mental health treatment available to every U.S. citizen.

Don’t let this tragedy pass you by without making that point to every politician you have ever voted for or against. I have just emailed every politician I could think of that I hold responsible. You should, too, before we have to send our kids to school in Kevlar. Come on, people – please do it for the memory of the innocents who died as well as those around you who suffer daily from mental illness.

Mike Hassett

West Seneca