When Megan Mette was young, she wrote in an artist statement, she dreamed of transporting herself magically into another family’s house.

“In this new house,” she wrote, “everything was white and clean and glistened with all the colors of the sun. All the surfaces seemed to be soft, smooth and inviting.”

That pretty well describes much of her photographic work, which depicts the seemingly normal walls of houses in ways that subtly emphasize strange angles and textures to the point where you do not immediately recognize what you’re looking at. Her photographs are the subject of an exhibition in CEPA Gallery (617 Main St.), which, she wrote, explores “the fantasies in which we all live.”

In addition to its annual members exhibition, CEPA also recently opened exhibitions of new work by Jose Alexis Lagares and Nicole June Wurstner, a 2011 University at Buffalo graduate who creates long-exposure portraits using an early photographic process involving metal plates coated with a chemical known as collodion. All shows run through Jan. 26.

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– Colin Dabkowski