Dave Schulz has already landed, folks. The Buffalo funky expatriate has fled his Los Angeles lair to head home for the holidays, where he will surely eat, drink, be merry and run a few rehearsals for the annual holiday reunion performance of the legendary C.O. Jones. That band did an awful lot to spur the Buffalo funk scene of the ’90s, and considering the fact that funk has flourished in the time since Schulz headed west, should surely be seen as a major influence on our region’s music.

Schulz has, as ever, put together a fine band for the occasion, with longtime compatriots and founding members Steve DeMarchi on guitar and Jerry Livingston on bass, joining sister Gretchen Schulz on guitar and vocals, Rob Lynch on drums, Jock Ellis on trombone, Vince Fossitt on saxophone and Schulz on vocals and keys for a serious funk/soul workout.

“How C.O. Jones Stole Christmas” takes over Duke’s Bohemian Grove Bar (253 Allen St.), at 10 p.m. Saturday. Visit for additional information.

– Jeff Miers