DUNKIRK – City Councilwoman Stephanie Kayak continues to pursue the cost of overtime for the city’s Department of Public Works.

Kayak asked Mayor A.J. Dolce during a Council meeting this week to look into two instances where overtime charges were added to the payroll.

She told the mayor that a minor snowstorm Nov. 24 resulted in 56 hours of overtime for the DPW.

The mayor said he addressed that issue with DPW Supervisor Tony Gugino and asked that more than one opinion be received before crews go out salting streets.

Kayak said the second overtime was 22 hours, as a result of blinds and windows being cleaned. She said the city hired a service for this work at a cost of $1,400, and she did not know why city employees could not be present during regular hours instead of overtime during the cleaning process.

The mayor pledged to review the questions.

In other matters, the shared-services agreement with the Town of Dunkirk for police services from city patrols was extended for another six months, at a cost of $1,500.

Wendy Spinuzza, of Fredonia, who has been acting as an independent contractor for the city’s projects that benefit low- to moderate-income families, had her contract increased for six months.

The contract pays her $612.50 per week through the Community Development Block Grant program.