A Lancaster man who sued Buffalo Hospital Supply after suffering injuries in a 2007 work accident was awarded $1.95 million by a jury though he will collect less than that.

Bradley R. Pettit, 60, suffered injuries in an unwitnessed fall off an improperly loaded delivery truck while making a delivery to a nursing home, said his lawyer, Stephen R. Foley of the Paul William Beltz law firm. The jury, however, reduced the worker’s award by 30 percent for his role in the accident, Foley said.

“The jury found my client 30 percent at fault," Foley said.

Lawyers for both sides reached a high-low agreement prior to verdict, whereby the worker would have received a minimum of $300,000, even if the jury had come back with a lower amount or nothing at all, but a maximum of $1.2 million, even if the jury had come back with a higher amount. Some other issues could further affect the final amount, Foley said. Jurors returned the verdict after two weeks of testimony.

Foley said the injury occurred because the truck had been improperly loaded and a pallet jack was stuck in a pallet. Pettit was injured trying to free the pallet jack, and in pulling on the handle, fell off the back of the trailer when it sprung free. His back injuries required surgery and have prevented him from returning to work.