Show proper respect for our flag, anthem

At an early age, I was taught to respect our country’s flag when it was presented, along with the singing of our national anthem. To this day, I consider it a privilege to show that I love this country that I have lived and worked in these many years. Both the military and uniformed civil servants, such as police and firemen, always salute the flag when presented with their right hand to the tip of the brim of their hat. We as civilians place our right hand over our left breast whenever the flag is presented and the anthem is sung. These simple motions have been long-standing traditions.

Now, however, it seems many either don’t know what to do or maybe just do not care. Don’t they teach that in school anymore? I have seen at least 50 percent just stand there when the national anthem is played. I would think that they would see others saluting with their hand over their left breast and do likewise. The least a person can do is honor this great country we live in. We see our service men coming home, some badly wounded who have given so much of themselves, and we should be proud of the symbolism of our country that the flag represents.

Another thing, what makes these pop singers think they have the talent or right to change the way “The Star-Spangled Banner” is written? It’s not an easy song to sing, with its wide range. But until someone, someday changes it, that is the way it should be sung.

Dick Carlson