It’s the teardrops that

hold back the pain.

No matter what you say,

white or black, doesn’t matter

what race;

people will always hate.

Haters multiply day by day;

you can ignore what they say.

Don’t let it get to you.

They hear something interesting and wonder

who, repeating and spreading saying

it’s you.

Haters hate because they think they are

the best.

Just remember that you’re

the one who’s blessed.

– Dana Smith Jr., 13, grade eight, Build Academy

“This Door Hurts!”



Because of memories,

she lives between

both worlds.

I can still hear

her collar.

Jingle, jangle

The tags read


Because of memories

I sometimes feel

she’s still alive.

Grandpa has her ...

I just know it.

– Molly Teti, Sweet Home High School