A jewel of a color

The word has been out for a couple weeks now that Pantone has named Emerald the 2013 Color of the Year. Zac Posen, Nanette Lepore and other designers included the vibrant shade in their collections for next spring, as seen on the New York runways during the fashion previews in September.

From rings to evening gowns, emerald is a color to watch for in the coming months.

Getting greener

Emerald also is finding its way into the home. Staub-brand enameled cast iron cookware at Williams-Sonoma ( is available in emerald. You can expect to see more of the rich shade in dinnerware, small appliances, bedding, bath towels, decorative accessories and, of course, paint.

Keep warm, look stylish

Some women have a knack for wearing scarves – even bulky winter ones. They know how to choose colors that flatter their complexions and coats. They know how to loop, twist and tie them just so. They even know how to keep them out of their mugs of eggnog latte.

This season, cables and other thick knits are big – as are scarves with combinations of textures. You’ll also find bold plaids, houndstooth checks, florals and animal prints.

All thumbs when it comes to putting one on? No-tie infinity or loop scarves are another popular option.

And finally …

“I believe in being underdressed or over-dressed, always.”

– Jonathan Adler, potter, designer, author

Emerald city: A look from Nanette Lepore during the Spring 2013 fashion previews.

Designer Zac Posen sent out this gown of green, left, during New York Fashion Week. Right, singer/songwriter Brooke White keeps warm in a houndstooth scarf at Rockefeller Center.