Humankind could learn a great deal from animals

In the Dec. 10 News article, “Cruelty to animals hits home,” the question is asked: “Why is the public reaction to animal cruelty so seemingly lopsided to other types of crimes?” My thoughts on this subject, I would bet, are quite common and undoubtedly answer the question very simply.

When is the last time your dog lied or cheated on you? Did the cat insult you or hurt your feelings recently? Of all the times I have been mistreated in any way in my life, none has been at the paws of an animal. Instead, they innocently gaze into our eyes and give unconditional love and loyalty. When we return from work or the grocery store, they act like they haven’t seen us in years.

Humankind has a lot to learn from animals, whether it’s the continued love and loyalty of a pet, or a wild animal taking care of its offspring. There is a common saying nowadays, “the more people I meet, the more I like my dog.” Funny? Yes. Accurate? Probably.

So, politicians don’t need to think too hard about why there is a “lopsided” public outcry for animal cruelty because the answer is simple. Here’s something they might want to focus on though – there are more animal lovers than Republicans or Democrats.

Tammy L. Nikischer

West Seneca