People seem to forget Bills aren’t ‘our’ team

I enjoyed Donn Esmonde’s Dec. 9 column, but he and most Bills fans are forgetting one important point. It’s not your team, despite what the Bills ticket commercials say. It’s Ralph Wilson’s team. And when he dies it will be his family’s team, and as soon as they get a deal with enough giveaways and subsidies, it will be the “fill in the state or city name here” Bills.

It was especially chuckle-worthy when Esmonde talked about “franchise hungry” Los Angeles on the day the Bills were playing the St. Louis (formerly Los Angeles) Rams. Baltimore lost the Colts, then years later got the Ravens. Even Houston couldn’t keep its Oilers.

The only community where residents can say the local NFL team is “their” team is Green Bay, and that’s because they own the Packers.

Larry Schultz