A man and woman were shot in the entrance of a convenience store tonight on the East Side.

The shooting occurred about 6:45 p.m. at the Broadway Convenience Deli at Broadway and Mohr Street.

Both victims were taken to Erie County Medical Center, one of them with serious injuries, Buffalo police said, adding that neither victim appeared to have suffered life-threatening injuries.

The shooting started after a conflict at the store entrance, not a robbery attempt, police said.

Both people shot fell into the store, a police spokesman said.

An unmarked patrol car was involved in a minor traffic accident rushing to the scene of the Broadway shootings, police said. No injuries were reported, though the patrol car and other vehicle sustained minor damage in what was described as a two-car fender-bender.

At mid-evening, a dozen patrol cars were parked and police tape was stripped outside the deli, which is sandwiched between two vacant storefronts in a neighborhood flanked by Bailey and Fillmore avenues. A large dog barked outside as police interviewed a convenience store clerk.

“This is the worse section of Buffalo,” said Bill Ferro, a neighborhood resident. “They should put cameras on every street corner from Young Street to Miller Street along Broadway.”

An elderly man who would not give his name, and who lives near the shooting scene, told The Buffalo News, “Every day, drug sales, all in this area.”

Ferro also said he also would like to see more police foot and bike patrols in the neighborhood.

Anyone with information is asked to call or text the confidential police tip line at 847-2255 or go to